We have come a long way since the 1970s - our history is one of dedication, commitment and passion. A long journey through Italy which then spread to the bordering countries and Europe and is now leading us to face the global market through a wide network of importers and 3 branches - Usi North America, Usi Iberia and Usi Brasil.

This journey tells the story of how tradition and innovation have always been the unique mix responsible for our success and how everyday challenges made USI ITALIA a leader in the spray booth market.


40 years spent looking ahead. With CHRONOTECH, USI ITALIA rewrote the history of Italian paint technology in the automotive sector, putting innovation and research at the centre of the noble art of painting In fact, thanks to a continuous information exchange with paint manufacturers, our solutions have often revolutionised the painting process in both large and small service centres.

Our philosophy is based on the trusting relationship we develop with our clients to whom we are both partners and consultants at the same time, with the purpose of guaranteeing a high-tech, fully-automated product with low management costs and maximum reliability.


Our team - led by skilful international management - combines the passion and enthusiasm of young people with the experience of our engineers, turning brave ideas into a new generation of state-of-the-art spray booths.

We are committed to developing our most precious assets - our know-how and our staff. From specialised workers to designers and engineers - each one of our men and women is committed to achieving the best results possible.


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