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In almost 50 years as a company we have worked hard to develop our range of products and solutions that can be adopted in body shops and various industrial sectors.

Custom designed Booths, Prep Stations and Mixing rooms
Master - Booths
The spray booth with superior and consistent performance, suitable for every body shop

Available in different configurations and with a wide range of accessories – at its best with water-based paints

Energo - Booths
The booth that drastically reduces electricity consumption

In addition to the Master features, Energo adds inverters that allow you to drastically reduce electricity consumption.

Chronotech - Booths
The ultimate expression of USI Italia technology

Paint quality, energy savings, ease of use, time reduction and increased productivity: Chronotech

Cargo - Booths
The XL size line of painting equipment

Cargo can be custom configured to accommodate any object or vehicle on the road, from trucks to wind turbines

Synchro - Booths
The modular and highly flexible multifunctional workspace

Essential to increase the productivity of the bodyshop’s paint facility, it is available in several configurations

Usi Lab
Usi Lab - Booths
The confined and ventilated area for carrying out special processes

Thanks to its modular structure, it can also be configured in non-standard dimensions on request

Mixing Room
Mixing Room - Box
The safe, controlled and specialised environment for all paint mixing processes

Specifically designed by engineers to ensure optimum ventilation and high efficiency lighting at all times

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