USI Lift 3500
USI Lift 3500

USI LIFT 3500 is the exclusive concealed electro-pneumatic-hydraulic scissor lift that can be integrated with USI Italia’s spray booths and preparation zones.

It consists of 4 basic elements:

  • Customised base support for two different embedding depths
  • Lift in anti-slip upper sheet metal, equipped with removable arms for lifting from the body and height-adjustable pads
  • Pneumatically operated magnetic hand control
  • Power unit

USI Lift 3500
High Performance
High Performance

The USI LIFT 3500 is extremely robust. In fact, its maximum lifting capacity is 3500 kg with which most cars currently on the market can be lifted. The ascent times are equally impressive: only 18 seconds.

Maximum customisation of working comfort
Maximum customisation of working comfort

With the USI LIFT 3500 lifts, and the 3-level rubber pads on the arms to fit any body, the working height can be adjusted at will, safely and smoothly.

Visual inspection, facilitated by the lift, not only improves the flow and quality of repairs (as it is easier to access the most difficult areas to repair) but also provides work efficiency benefits, as the operator no longer has to subject his/her legs and back to awkward and tiring positions.

Maximum customisation of working comfort
Saving Time and Space
Saving Time and Space

The USI LIFT 3500 is easily integrated into all bodywork and can be installed in our facilities (and even retrofitted) in just 3 hours*. Thanks to the fully retractable position when not in use, workshop space is optimally utilised and it is easier to keep the working environment clean.

*The environment must, of course, already have been prepared for the preliminary installation procedures envisaged by the USI Italia designers.

Other Solutions and Customisations
Other Solutions and Customisations

The USI LIFT 3500 performs best in combination with IR/UV irradiation systems, allowing the best possible use of the available working area, even for spot repairs.

If you want to have a lift from the wheels and not from the body, no problem: we have the solution for that too. We can customise the filter floor to your liking and fit the most popular lift models in the car refinishing industry that allow lifting with an under-wheel grip.

Other Solutions and Customisations
The system consists of 4 basic elements:
  • Power plant
  • Magnetic control panel that can also be positioned inside the work area
  • Lifting body
  • Base support (for excavation or metal base version)
USI LIFT 3500 has been certified in accordance with the following DIRECTIVES
  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
  • 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive
  • 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
And the following Standards:
  • EN 1493:2010
  • EN 60204-1:2006/AC:2010
  • EN ISO 12100:2010
  • EN ISO 3744:2010 / EN ISO 3746:2010

Verification, testing and certification were carried out by the world-renowned certification body SGS UK. According to DIRECTIVE ATEX 94/9/EC the lift is classified as EX II 3GD T5.


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