Hail inspection zones, multifunctional solutions designed for body shops

Hail inspection zones are a necessary choice for all workshops that need to repair vehicles damaged by violent hail attacks. Repairing hail damage is indeed essential to restore the car’s value after a hailstorm, eliminating dents on the bodywork.

That’s why inspection zones represent an important preliminary phase not only for the painting process, ensuring proper paint application and meeting the required quality standards for the final product, but also as a preliminary step for assessment to identify dents. Inspection and quality control zones like USI Italia’s IQC BAY are self-contained work environments, compartmentalized by walls, roof, a retractable entrance curtain, and equipped with integrated LED lighting modules, specifically designed for preliminary and post-painting stages.

The IQC (Inspection Quality Control) BAY is indeed a work area in which operations generating significant amounts of dust are not carried out. However, as a minimal amount of dust could be generated during polishing, USI Italia has incorporated a slight filtered air exchange through a small extraction fan.

Key features of hail inspection bays

Inspection zones are multifunctional solutions developed specifically for auto body shops that can have various uses, including:
Acceptance zone for assessing accident-damaged vehicles.
Inspection zone for hail damage
Polishing (manual or with polishers) and car detailing
Pre-delivery zone

Hail inspection zones have been designed to help auto body shops handle spikes in workload due to increasingly widespread and extreme storms, improve productivity, and provide impeccable service to their customers. These all-in-one solutions, developed by the USI Italia team based on feedback from the most productive repair centres, offer a wide range of tools and features that simplify and enhance every aspect of the work.

Lighting, a critical factor

A quality light source, preferably bi-tonal when possible, is extremely important when it comes to hail inspection zones, as it allows for a more accurate inspection of the vehicle and safeguards against surprises during the painting phase. Using
appropriate lighting sources can reveal paint imperfections, even imperceptible ones like swirls or halos, and help determine if the chosen polishing combination will yield the desired result. Proper lighting also enables work not to be done blindly and eliminates the need to wait for sunlight to verify the actual correction conditions of the defect.

Specific configurations

In the case of using the IQC BAY as a hail damage inspection zone, it’s necessary to install a special retractable zebra-striped curtain kit. This curtain, with light placed behind it, projects shadow stripes onto the bodywork, allowing for immediate defect identification.