Posted 8 Jun 2022

Energy saving in painting systems

The issue of energy conservation in painting systems is now becoming central because of dramatically rising energy costs and growing environmental awareness of nonrenewable sources and raw materials. 

Ovens and painting systems have always been considered energy-intensive to the point that they have a major impact on costs at the end of the entire work process. The real challenge is therefore keeping costs under control for painting operations without reducing their quality. An efficiency challenge that can ensure the survival of paint companies and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Energy saving in painting systems

In favor of energy savings in coating plants, much has already been done, both from the point of view of paint products with reduced drying times and baking at lower temperatures, and from the point of view of work cycle optimization, reducing intermediate times and air flows. But some of the technologies developed by USI Italia’s engineers and designers make it possible to further cut costs in paint operations without lowering the quality standards demanded by customers.

For example, inverters found in our Multifunctional Zones and Air Handling Units are the first exploitable technology for energy efficiency in painting plants. An inverter can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% in all stages of paint preparation and up to 25% in baking and cooling.

Heat recovery units are also the best system for recovering heat, and thus energy, that would otherwise be wasted. Our RDCs are static type recovery systems, without any moving elements, with efficiency generally varying from 40 to 70% and providing significant savings in operating costs in painting plants.

With Evaporative Cooling Humidification Kits, you can also reduce the energy costs of your painting business by taking advantage of evaporative cooling, or adiabatic cooling, which simultaneously ensures a relative humidity rate level appropriate to the paint application process and lowers the temperature inside the application creating better working conditions. All these technologies find their common ground in USI Italia’s High Efficiency System, the system brought to market in 2015 and consistently improved over the years in order to offer increasingly smart, credible, and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

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