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Painting is an essential process when it comes to Formula 1 and race cars

Speed and efficiency at the forefront of aerodynamics

In a sport where a hundredth of a second can count and every gram can make a difference, as can the exasperated search for the best aerodynamics.
That’s why teams are continuously on the hunt for the most advanced painting and finishing solutions for their racing cars.
These include USI Italia Booths, Zones and Boxes, whose technology ensure the highest quality standards, not only in terms of the final result but also in terms of the speed and efficiency of the painting process.


Versatile performance solutions for the racing world


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Quill powders

Booths, Zones and Boxes for the race car sector

The preferred booth for F1 teams

CHRONOTECH DYNAMIC, with DGTouch Lite control panel, this is the booth that independently dictates work pace, setting all the painting parameters, allowing you to paint as many pieces as required, with no layout constraints, and with unaltered and surprisingly short drying times.

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The solution to car manufacturers’ needs for lightness, strength and safety with new types of materials, construction and assembly methods.

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Self-supporting and multifuncional workspace equipped with overhead lighting.

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The safe, controlled and confined environment for all paint mixing processes.

Available in 18 standard configurations, they can be connected to the spray booth.

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