Posted 14 Feb 2023

Open spray booth: Pros and Cons

The open spray booth is a very common tool for painting and finishing in industry as well as in small and medium-sized companies. Its versatility of installation, flexibility of use and cheaper cost compared to other paint systems often make open spray booths the first solution one thinks of when in need of a new paint system. However, like any equipment, open spray booths have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of using an open spray booth.

Open spray booth: different finish expectations

Before moving on to an analysis of the pros and cons of open spray booths such as our Open Booth, it is necessary to specify that this type of equipment cannot ensure the same quality of finish that can be achieved with a closed spray booth, where the air circuit is constantly filtered.


Cabina di verniciatura aperta: Pro e Contro

Economical: front-opening spray booths do not require excavation and therefore save on installation costs, one of the aspects to take into account when considering the purchase of a new spray booth. If equipped with inverters, you can also save significantly on consumption and increase the extraction capacity according to the clogging of the filters.

Versatility: due to their open front design, open spray booths allow great versatility of use when alternating between different products to be painted or types of work. For example, avoiding blocking the main painting system when applying primers or lacquering parts.

Reduced footprint: when faced with limited space in a paint shop, the solution is often an open spray booth that requires less space for installation and workflow.

Flexibility: the open design simplifies not only the replacement of the filter wall (which only takes a few minutes) but also the handling of workpieces within the department.


Cabina di verniciatura aperta: Pro e Contro

Contamination risks: as it is an open system, there may be greater risks of contamination, particularly in certain industries such as wood processing. For this reason, it is essential during the design phase to assess very precisely both the capacity of the ventilation and air filtration systems and the position of the other workstations within the production site.

Temperature control: taking into account the climate of the industrial site, and the possible variations in ambient temperature, is essential in the design of any painting system. All the more so for open spray booths where thermal insulation is not possible.


In general, there are many aspects to be considered when purchasing or replacing a spray booth, ranging from the industrial sector (and therefore the quality of the finish required) to the volume of work, from the space available (and the relative initial costs of the system) to the general costs of the industrial site.
This is why it is advisable to always rely on manufacturers who can provide design advice and solutions tailored to specific needs.

If you have any doubts or questions about open spray booths, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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