The ultimate expression of USI Italia technology, the ideal solution for all body shops looking for:

High-quality painting processes
Significant reduction in energy consumption and general management costs
Confidence in the result of the finish
High productivity
Reduced processing times
Easy operability for the operator
Chronotech: ahead of the curve

Chronotech was the first spray booth in Italy, and most likely in Europe, back in 2002 to adopt the first true form of energy efficiency through the use of Direct Flame air heating and Inverters.

Because comparison is impossible

Anyone who has used a Chronotech booth knows this.
No alternative drying booth or system on the market is comparable with our product.
Chronotech is the booth that features a unique blend of performance and versatility.
It is no coincidence that it is always in demand by F1 teams such as Mercedes AMG Petronas, Red Bull, Ferrari, Alpine (Renault F1) and lately Racing Bulls.

Extraordinary flexibility

Like in F1, the best car is not just the fastest, but the one that allows you to adopt the best trajectories, this best describes Chronotech.
An incredible machine, offering maximum flexibility in terms of performance

  • Adaptation of the air flows according to the selected function and volumes occupied
  • Optimisation of the mixing of hot cycles for perfect heat transfer and release.
  • Air + heat controlled by specific algorithms specially developed to guarantee certain and constant end results over time, independent of the climate.
The new definition of control

Before Chronotech, it was not possible to have control over the costs and times of operational processes except at the end of the business year, and even then it was only through estimation.

Thanks to its team of designers and repair experts, USI Italia has developed the DGT Manager: an exclusive software to supervise and professionally organise workflow and create a database with the costs of each work cycle: an essential process digitisation tool dedicated to the management control of the paint shop.

Manual or smart operational settings

With Chronotech you will have the greatest freedom to work: you can choose to set up your own operational profiles and record them in the system or leave the work to the system itself.

In this case it will be E.P.S., the painting aid wizard tool, which, thanks to some basic information provided by the operator, will be able to produce a customised ad hoc work profile in real time.
With EPS, boring and repetitive tasks are handled by the computer.

All the painter or varnisher has to do is devote himself to what he does best: the noble and creative art of car refinishing.

Chronotech is available in 3 different configurations

Chronotech went the extra mile for you. Depending on your preference and needs, you can choose from 3 different configurations:

  • Dynamic configuration: for the traditionalist repairer who is, at the same time, open to innovation.
  • Elite configuration: for the pioneer repairer, demanding and eager to push the system’s performance to the limit
  • Supremacy configuration: ideal for the sophisticated and structured repairer, in which high productivity and data management become essential elements for the success and differentiation of the business.
Customisations by Chronotech

The response from customers has been extremely positive and continuous over the years and has motivated us to further evolve these operating innovations into a real working system.
The Chronotech system can also be used with industrial painting facilities.


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