Energo. For saving-sensitive painting masters

Energo was born to release energy only when needed. In addition to all the features inherited from Master, Energo is equipped with inverters both on the intake and exhaust motors that allow to drastically reduce electricity consumption. Thanks to the intuitive DGTouch One control panel, Energo allows you to have all the air volume capacity you want, but only when you really need it. That's why Energo has become the most reliable and economical painting equipment on the market as well as a reference point for many professional painters.

Energo Cabina INverter
Technology designed to serve mankind

The use of the inverter is destined to become increasingly instrumental for the reduction of operating costs: in industry, but not only. USI ITALIA’s engineers have managed to exploit its potential to the maximum. With ENERGO spray booths we have the advantage of:

  • reducing absorption peaks, as the motors start in a linear manner
  • having differentiated air volume capacities specially proportioned for the required work phase
  • electronically adjusting the pressure in the spray booth, thanks to the variation of the exhaust motor speed (without any bottlenecks such as calibration dampers)
Cabina Verniciatura Energo USI ITALIA
Pressure management in relation to optimal consumption

Unlike what happens for traditional spray booths, ENERGO avoids running the extraction motor always at maximum speed (and therefore at maximum consumption) but increases the hertz electronically only when it becomes necessary: for example, when the pressure increases in the cabin, due to the gradual clogging of the filters. 

This clever way of running the plant serves to have less impact on the environment and profits.

Cabina Verniciatura Energo risparmio energetico
Even more energy savings

The savings that can be achieved with ENERGO during daily use do not end here. When the Eco stand-by device is installed, energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved. 

How does this work? Simple: the device reveals if no spraying activity occurs and, after a preset (but always customizable) time, automatically enables the system to power saving mode. 

Once the painter presses the trigger of the spray gun, ENERGO takes only a few seconds to return to full speed and take full advantage of the power in 100% spray mode.

Energo USI ITALIA controllo da remoto
Remote assistance always by your side

More and more painting centers are choosing USI ITALIA booths equipped with remote control. ENERGO’s free remote assistance is the most convenient option for our customers, as it offers several advantages, many of which are taken for granted.  But let’s start with the most obvious ones:

  • Distances are canceled. With USI ITALIA’s tele-assistance we are always virtually by your side, wherever you are. Even if you are on the other side of the globe we can (with your permission) activate the log and download all the operations carried out by the plant the following day.
  • Cost and time savings. Tele-assistance saves time for travel and puts a stop to all those additional costs that can often exceed those of the visit itself (just consider the loss of working hours, transport costs and anything else connected to the exit of a technician).
  • Practicality and Convenience. We have already talked about cost reduction, but there is also another level of convenience which is that of immediate and fast access to the parameters of the plant, which allows USI ITALIA technicians to immediately identify where it is necessary to intervene.
  • Reduction of downtime and stress.  This factor is very important, especially if you have a high productivity business where time is money. Thanks to USI ITALIA’s remote assistance, machine downtime is potentially reduced to zero: if we can change/reset operating parameters, we can do it directly from our headquarters. In the worst case of a mechanical failure, the maintenance technician will already know where to intervene without stopping the customer’s activity to search for the fault.
New and exciting features with DGTOUCH ONE

USI ITALIA has a consolidated research and development program designed to ensure the scalability of its technological innovations with the aim of constantly improving the user experience of its customers. The DGTouch ONE control panel was born just like this: it has an intuitive dashboard, easy to use, which allows to interact with the system in a natural way

Thanks to the customized graphical interfaces of the touch screen, such as the operator’s language of use, the operators will be able to immediately understand how it works and make their work even more fun. 

The control software developed by USI ITALIA allows the creation of a flow of multiple and smooth repair processes, which adds even more efficiency to operations.

One of the main challenges was the optimization of the environmentally friendly curing algorithm (for instance the hot flash-offs), which led to the perfection of the finishing curing process (both for water- and solvent-based products) with the related advantage of being able to immediately carry out the polishing operations, once the cycle is over.

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