Energo. For cost-conscious painters

Energo was created to release energy only when necessary. In addition to all of Master’s features, Energo is equipped with inverters that allow you to drastically reduce electricity consumption. Thanks to its intuitive control panel, Energo provides you with all the air you want, but only when you really need it. This is why Energo has become the go-to choice for many professional painters.

Energy saving
  • Progressive motor start-up to reduce absorption spikes
  • Air inlet and extraction motors equipped with inverters with the highest global energy standard classification
  • Inverter for speed control and variation
  • Electronic regulation of booth pressure through variation of extraction motor speed (without any use of dampers)
  • Adjustable operating cycles with differentiated air flow rates (energy only when needed)
  • Intermediate drying (also known as hot flash-off) particularly useful for water-based paints
  • Warm-up function (energy saving mode in pre-painting operations)
Unique hot air recirculation system in the booth during the drying phase

Our hot air recirculation system between the thermo-ventilation unit and the booth provides the following advantages:

  • Drying cycle with 100% air flow in the booth, an essential system for rapid and optimal drying of high solid and water-based paints
  • Pre-set percentage of air change at the exhaust
  • Temperature consistency
  • High energy savings due to recovery of almost all the heat necessary for the drying cycle
  • Increase in the productivity of the system due to the fast completion of the set drying temperature
“AIR BLUE 2.0” direct flame burner

The natural gas or LPG burner designed and manufactured by USI ITALIA and certified according to EN 746-1 and EN746-2 standards provides the following advantages:

  • Combustion efficiency of 97%
  • Reduction in fuel consumption compared to traditional burners with combustion chamber (up to 30%)
  • Rapid attainment of the set temperature
  • Greater stability of the set temperature
  • Reduction in the time taken for the painting/drying cycle (up to 35%)
  • Increase in the production capacity of the facility (up to 55%)
Turbofan directly mounted to the motor

The turbofan allows the following advantages for industrial applications directly coupled to the motor without transmission parts:

  • High performance with consequent energy saving
  • High reliability due to the absence of moving transmission parts (belts, belt tensioners, pulleys, etc.)
  • Maintenance free
  • Virtually constant air flow throughout the life of the filters
  • Long duration of the filters due to the ability of the fan to maintain a high air flow rate even with clogged filters
  • Low noise level due to the special and exclusive design of the fan
Diffuse lighting without shadows and reflections

Large-area reflectors with XL-type T8 neon tubes eliminate the risk of shadows and reflections by diffusing light tones without altering colours.
The use of high-efficiency neon tubes and electronic ballasts for ignition reduces electricity consumption to a minimum (about 30% less than traditional systems).

TRONIC 3V Control Panel Functions (Standard)
  • Control panel with ECS control unit
  • 1st air flow rate for the masking phase (also known as energy saving warm-up phase)
  • 2nd air flow rate for painting, intermediate drying, pre-heating and cooling
  • 3rd air flow rate for the drying phase of the automatic cycle
Additional functions of the DGTouch LITE control panel (on request)
  • HMI control panel with colour touch screen
  • Setting and storing of multiple work profiles, each with the desired sequence of work steps
  • Energy saving mode for pre-painting operations
  • Automatic drying phase with variable times and temperatures
  • Software update via USB port or internet connection
  • After sales service via internet in real time
  • Alarm logbook
  • Maintenance logbook
  • Option for display in end user language
  • Stand-by option for painting phase
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