Express Bay Preparation Zones

Express Bay: budget-saving stand-alone preparation zones

Express Bay: USI Italia's low-cost preparation zones

The Express Bay preparation zones are the budget-saving solution designed by USI Italia to meet the needs of small body shops or body shops that are unable to make changes to the floor of their establishment. They are stand-alone workstations, with independent lighting, semi-vertical suction flow (no digging required), and with very low operating costs.

Zone Express Bay: scope of application

The Express Bay zones are ideal for carrying out typical pre-painting operations such as:

  • Pre-blowing with compressed air
  • Sanding with orbital sanders
  • Primer application
  • Limited colour base application*

Express Bays draw air from the room in which they are installed by filtering it through the ceiling in the upper 40-45% of the workstation itself.
If the system is intended for long-term use, the operator must provide for an air re-entry device to compensate for the volumes of air extracted.
In warm or unconditioned (i.e., open) locations, this is not necessary.

*Where permitted by local regulations

Express Bay preparation zone Configurations

Express Bay preparation zones are configured at the start for 1, 2 or 3 workstations.
They are available in standard lengths of 6, 6.5 and 7 m and widths of 4 m or 4.5 m. They can have a common air extraction system, or one for each bay.

The structure derives from the original Synchro “concept” and is therefore characterised by double-wall insulating panels or concealed PVC partitions; all of which can be quickly installed.

ADD-ONs for Express Bay zones

The Express Bay zones can be equipped with a series of useful complementary accessories such as:

  • Localised suction systems
  • IR/UV irradiation systems
  • Special cabinets with doors flush with the wall to be positioned above the suction wall and to house supplies or other useful preparation materials.
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