HE - High Efficiency System

The HE (High Efficiency) system, developed by USI ITALIA engineers and brought to market in 2015 was born out of the realisation that in an increasingly energy-intensive world, it is necessary to bring increasingly intelligent and credible energy solutions with a reduced environmental impact to the market. The HE system is therefore the result of all the developments and improvements that have been constantly applied to our painting facilities over the last 15 years. HE is the result of the accumulation of marginal gains, i.e., the product of several small gains that, when combined, led to the production of a large gain.

More savings

This is thanks to the creation of a technologically advanced aeraulic system that enables a 50% reduction in the electrical consumption of the motors, while maintaining the air speed performance required by current regulations for painting systems.

This means that if in the past, two 11 kW motors were necessary to have the right air speed in a 28 sqm booth (as per the recent technical standard EN 16985), now only two 5.5 kW motors are required.

More productivity

Another indirect benefit of the increased air volumes in the booth is that you can now decide, if you wish, to have a machine with an 11 kW HE system but in a much larger booth that will allow you to utilise the full surface area available; carry out more finishing; increase productivity even further.

More opportunities to access grants

Many European governments (and others) are adopting non-repayable or cash back incentive policies to reward entrepreneurs who invest in green, environmentally friendly technology.

The HE system falls into this category: a highly attractive capital asset for subsidies.

4.0 Systems

The HE coating systems are all Industry 4.0 Ready, which means that thanks to two-way PC/machine/PC communication, a HE system is already set up to communicate and interconnect with other machines in the facility.

This feature also makes HE subject to government subsidies and hyper subsidies.

The HE system allows the digitisation of all operational processes: every work action can be tracked, recorded and translated into targeted information for the investor that can help them in their decision-making processes or inform them about any misalignment in the performance of their employees.

More energy efficiency and working comfort

The use of light alloy materials has led to another indirect advantage: that of an extremely quiet and comfortable working environment.
HE users will be eager to get back to their workplace and unleash their creativity in finishing applications.

Other features of the HE world

There are plenty of other exciting features waiting for you if you want to enter the world of HE, such as adaptive in-cab lighting, the EPS 2.0 paint wizard-tool, AFM (Auto Frequency Management) and many other new features.

Initially created as the name of USI Italia’s premium booth, HE has gradually become a real system; the HE system, thanks to the enormous interest of our customers. The system is scalable even in large industrial facilities, i.e., Cargo.

HE system customisations

USI Italia’s engineering consultancy can offer you further customisations for the HE system, such as heat recovery units with a BY-PASS function, humidification systems in case the booth air is too dry, or specific AHUs (Air Handling Units).

In order to further increase working comfort, equip your painting facility with USI LIFT 3500 lifts, which demonstrate incredible lifting power that will avoid unnecessary bending during the application processes.


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