Inspection and quality control zone

The inspection and quality control zone (IQC BAY) is a self-supporting workspace, compartmentalised by walls, roof, roller blind at the entrance and equipped with overhead lighting.

What is an IQC BAY?

The IQC BAY is a work area in which no operations are carried out that generate significant amounts of dust.
However, since a small amount of dust may be generated during polishing, USI Italia has installed a light filtered air exchange by means of a small extraction motor.

IQC BAY: product purpose

The IQC BAY is a multifunctional solution developed specifically for body shops that can serve multiple purposes, such as:

  • Acceptance zone for accidental vehicle peritation
  • Hail damage inspection area*
  • Polishing (manual or with polishers) and car detailing
  • Pre-delivery area

*In this case, the area will be provided with special retractable zebra blinds that will allow for quick identification of the damage.

Quality light - the deciding factor

A quality light source is extremely important when it comes to inspection and control areas, as it guards against unwanted surprises.
Using a suitable light source can reveal imperfections on the paint (even unnoticeable ones, such as swirls or halos) and help you understand whether the chosen polishing combination (for example) will give the desired result.
Correct lighting means that you don’t have to work blindly and wait for sunlight to check the condition of the defect.

Specific configurations for the IQC BAY

If the customer intends to use the IQC BAY as an inspection area for hail damage, it is necessary to install a special kit of retractable blinds which, once lowered, thanks to the light placed behind, will enable shadow strips to be projected on the bodywork and immediately identify the defect.

Multifunctional suction panels for IQC BAY

USI ITALIA recommends always equipping IQC BAYs with multifunctional suction panels that can be fitted to the wall and are useful for connecting:

  • Compressed air blow guns
  • Rotary polishers
  • Orbital polishers
  • Electric vacuum cleaners
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