Master by USI Italia is the spray booth that guarantees a high quality and consistent performance, maximum strength, reliability and ease of use. Thanks to the USI Italia industrial turbines directly fitted to the engines, Master is able to generate incredible volumes of air that allow it to give the very best performance when it comes to water-based paints. Master is available in different configurations and with a wide range of accessories. In addition, Air Blue Clean Technology reduces environmentally harmful emissions and cuts drying times by 30%.

Ergonomic design of the control panel

Control System makes USI Italia technology available to all users.

  • Motor start with soft start device to reduce absorption peaks
  • Working phases Painting and automatic cycle (flash-off, drying, cooling) with time and temperature settings on electronic control unit
Exclusive hot air recirculation system in the cabin during the drying phase

Our hot air recirculation system between the thermo-ventilation unit and the cabin provides the following advantages:

  • Drying phase with the entire air flow from the thermo-ventilation unit with a pre-set percentage of air change; indispensable system for rapid and optimum drying of high-solids and water-based paints
  • Temperature uniformity
  • High energy savings due to recovery of almost all the heat needed for the drying cycle
  • Increased productivity due to rapid achievement of the set drying temperature
“AIR BLUE" direct flame burner

The natural gas or LPG burner designed and manufactured by USI Italia with DNV certification provides the following advantages:

  • Combustion efficiency of 97%
  • Reduction in fuel consumption compared to conventional chamber burners (up to 30%)
  • Rapid reaching of set temperature 
  • Greater stability of the set temperature
  • Reduction in time spent on the paint/drying cycle (up to 35%)
  • Increased productive capacity (up to 55%)
Turbofan directly connected to the motor

The turbofan for industrial applications directly connected to the motor without any transmission components offers the following advantages:

  • High efficiency resulting in energy savings
  • High reliability due to absence of moving transmission parts (belts, belt tensioners, pulleys, etc.)
  • No need for maintenance
  • Virtually constant air flow throughout the life of the filters
  • Long filter life due to the fan’s ability to maintain a high air flow rate even with clogged filters
  • Low noise level due to unique fan design
Diffuse lighting without shadows and reflections

Large-area reflectors eliminate the risk of shadows and reflections by diffusing homogeneous light tones without altering colours. High-efficiency XL-type neon tubes minimise electricity consumption. Lamps can be replaced quickly thanks to the special coupling system.

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