PROF-X Multifunctional Zones

The preparation areas that complement the painting facilities which improve and speed up the finishing work

Purpose of the PROF-X product

The secret of a perfect paint job very often lies in making the paint itself.
If this preparation is substandard, it will be impossible to achieve a consistent finish even with the best top coat.

The PROF-X preparation areas (1, 2 or more places) have been designed to complement the painting systems and have been built with a twofold objective: to improve and speed up the preparers’ finishing work in full comfort and with the highest technological standards.

Operation of USI Italia Multifunctional Zones

PROF-X are modular, multifunctional workstations specifically designed for surface preparation before painting.

The main operations that are carried out in these preparation bays are:

  • Grouting
  • Dry (or wet) sanding
  • Spraying the primer
  • Thorough cleaning of supports
Configuration flexibility

PROF-X preparation zones are extremely popular due to their flexibility and expansion possibilities.
At USI Italia we have been able to engineer more than 70 standard combinations: from the most simple to the most complex; “dressing” the systems to suit the specific needs of the customers.

Here are some of the features and options available with the PROF-X mount:

1. ASPIRATION FLOW: can take place in different modes:

  • Vertical mode thanks to a suction floor (on uneven ground) or suction metal base (sunken or above ground)
  • Semi-vertical mode with side or rear suction box

2. TYPE OF WORK PROCESS: can be carried out in different ways:

  • Independent mode in which each preparer works in his own zone and has his own independent suction flow, not shared with colleagues.
  • Interdependent mode in which the preparer works in his own area but has a shared suction flow with colleagues.

3. FAN GROUP can be configured in different types:

  • Simple extraction (1 motor) without heating
  • Combination (with 2 motor inlet and exhaust) without heating for continuous compensation in the working environment
  • Combined with “upstream” heating by convection (direct flame, electric heaters, heat exchangers, hot water coils)
  • Combined with “downstream” heating by radiation (infrared)
  • Combination with “mixed” heating (both convection and radiation)

4. WORKING COMFORT: each zone can be enhanced by means of:

  • Side or rear sandwich panels
  • Side or rear sandwich panels with inspection windows
  • Perimeter levelling strips with other installations for anchoring blinds or lighting systems
  • Manually operated or motorised blinds with transparent central inspection section
  • T8 or high-efficiency T5 LED lighting systems
  • Walls equipped with cabinets for the storage of supplies
  • Implementation of USI Italia extras

5. PROCESS CONTROL Depending on the type of work and control required, control panels can be:

  • Electro mechanical with selectors
  • Electro mechanical with selectors + inverter
  • Basic digital with 7″ colour touch screen industrial PC, inverter, integrated remote assistance, 10 work profiles that can be registered, recalled and easily customised.
  • Advanced digital with 12″ colour touch screen industrial PC, inverter, integrated remote assistance, infinite work profiles that can be recorded, recalled and easily customised + possibility of digitalisation and process tracking.

6. ENERGY EFFICIENCY TYPE can be achieved through:

  • Plenum with large filtering surface: the suction of the preparation area causes air depletion and heat loss in the workshop.
  • The compensation system with plenum allows the rebalancing of air pressure in the workshop and reintroduces ambient air in the preparation area.
  • Motors in premium efficiency class IE3 or high efficiency class IE2 equipped with frequency inverters.
  • Inverter, regardless of the efficiency class for customising suction volumes, depending on the types of work required.
  • Selection and partialisation dampers for directing air flow in two or more work bays.
  • Control buttons located in each zone to minimise operator travel time due to machining changes.
  • Ventilation of the preparation area can be started automatically when using a pneumatic and/or electric tool or a specific work sequence.
  • The servo tool principle saves up to 70% energy.
Complementary accessories for PROF-X Multifunctional Zones

The innovative PROF-X preparation zones can be equipped with a range of useful complementary accessories that can be easily attached, such as:

  • USI LIFT 3500 scissor lifts and lifts with under wheel grip
  • Localised suction systems
  • Car Side Sliding Mover and Sliding Guides for a PULL type of processing
  • IR/UV irradiation systems
  • Heat recovery units in the case of thermo-ventilation units
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