USI Italia's Synchro multifunctional workspace is an invaluable element in increasing the productivity of the body shop's paint facility. It is a modular and highly flexible design, available in different configurations, which adapt perfectly to all body shop spaces and specific operational and processing needs.

Synchro, the meeting point between cabins and zones

The Synchro represents the natural evolution and perfect combination of a spray booth and a preparation zones. It is no coincidence that our customers have nicknamed them “cabizona”: a term that brings to mind multi-functionality, since within this type of all-in-one system there is no movement of the vehicle and it is possible to carry out not only the typical operations such as sanding, filling and priming, but also spot repair operations, in accordance with current standards and regulations.

Synchro: the self-supporting advantage

As a hybrid between cabin and zone, Synchros follow a self-supporting construction logic configured from the outset for 1 or 2 working spaces. This frees our customers from the worries of adding extra weight to their existing roof structures. This is an undeniable advantage, especially in cold countries where roofs already have to bear the heavy weight of snow and ice during the winter months and where additional weight may require costly structural work.

Synchro, the rationalisation of consumption

The advantages of Synchro do not end with the self-supporting structure. Thanks to the use of frequency variation on the motors, the partialisation dampers in the plenums and after the grilles, and an industrial touch screen PC that manages the parameters and values, it is possible to customise the air volumes so they are suitable for the work to be carried out on the specific workstation.

Controlled distribution and channelling of airflows makes it possible to organise the activity in the best possible way, using only one fan unit (with or without heating) and thus reducing consumption and the number of pipes and holes to be made in the building.

Synchro, a highly customisable product

Designed to meet the highest safety standards, Synchro workstations are available in multiple length, width and height options to suit any layout. They can be bounded around the perimeter by soundproofed double-walled panels or by concealed PVC curtains.

The front motorised curtain is fitted with a special magnetically closing slot (acting as a service door), which allows the operator to pass through, ensuring that the temperature in the workstation is maintained. In countries where it is required, or when necessary, the front curtain can be replaced with the traditional 4-door cabins.

ADD-ON and additional functionality for Synchro by USI Italia

USI Italia’s Synchros have been developed to be easily expanded with a series of machines and functionalities that increase the user’s comfort and productivity.

We are talking about:

  • Flush-mounted door cabinets for storing consumables or storing random orbital sanders.
  • Infrared/UV-A radiation systems with translation on suspended tracks.
  • USI LIFT 3500 pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic lifting systems.
  • Car Side Gliding Mover for moving vehicles
  • Integrated localised suction systems for sanding.
  • Heat recovery units in case of ventilation units with upstream heating.
  • Profiling of work cycles and tracking of each individual operation in logic 4.0.
  • Online assistance via the internet for an immediate reset of the factory parameters or immediate identification of the mechanical reset required to return the system to correct operation.
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