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Find out why you are always safe with USI Italia.

We firmly believe in our products and in the value of our work which represents the best and most affordable choice for our customers.

For USI Italia, quality is a matter of choice, not chance.

USI Italia has always considered quality a invaluable priority.

The cost of an error detected by a customer is in fact 5 times higher than if it had been detected by the company during the design or construction of the painting system.

For us, implementing quality is one of the company strategies that is most beneficial in terms of business continuity.

For USI Italia, quality is the intersection of several requirements that can be simplified into three parts:

  • Effectiveness (in terms of product/service quality)
  • Efficiency (in terms of cost and time management)
  • Elasticity (in terms of response to change)
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Tailor-made USI Italia quality solutions

Quality is customer-driven, because in the end it is the customers who judge the quality and performance of our painting solutions.

That’s why we love and want to co-design the painting facilities of the future with our customers in mind.
The image that best portrays our philosophy is in fact that of a tailor.

Our job is not to sell products, everyone knows how to do that.
We want to find and propose credible solutions to counter the issues that our customers face every day and sew these into place.

These products are therefore never ordinary, but perfectly in tune with the customer's expectations because they are able to represent the style of the people who will use them

Thanks to a powerful Native 3D Design Software (Autocad Inventor), we can quickly develop even the most complex projects which allows the customer to have an immediate three-dimensional overview of the spaces occupied by the machinery and the various constraints or structural impediments.

Solutions that fit harmoniously into the existing space and, while making use of every available space, never disrupts it.

An incomparable style

When we talk about ‘Made in Italy’ we think of products that, from the perspective of quality and use, have a highly aesthetic value.
‘Made in Italy’ is therefore a central element of our country’s cultural identity and represents an extraordinary ability, appreciated all over the world, to give shape and elegance to all kinds of things.

This is particularly so in USI Italia where this has always been a source of pride and success to be shared with the world.
USI Italia painting facilities have always been associated with quality and expertise, as well as tradition and innovation.

But excellence can also be seen in the technical partners with whom you choose to embark on a path of innovation.
That’s why for years we have been working with world-famous brands such as ABB, Siemens, Philips, Telemecanique, Danfoss, Asem, Belimo, Nexcom, Kromschroder.


Always one step ahead

USI Italia has always been at the forefront of innovation.
It was the first in Italy, and most likely in Europe, to propose the first form of energy efficiency through the use of Direct Flame and Inverter, later coined as the Chronotech system.


In 2002 we reduced the drying time by 50% from the standard 40 minutes to 20 minutes.
A 50% reduction at that time and we were already presenting ourselves to the world as an innovative company, searching for new technology and in pursuit of best practices to reduce our impact on the environment: with benefits for the customer in terms of performance.


We have made a significant contribution to progress in our sector by using new technology that were coming onto the market and significantly improving the user experience.

Touch technology: We were the first on the market to sell our systems with touch screens. Our main competitors were still limited to electro-mechanical panels.


Tele-assistance: after an initial attempt with the data SIM cards of the various global telephone providers, we adopted the solution of tele-assistance via the Internet.

Once again, our innovation and development in the field surpassed that of our competitors.
We had already cut down on downtime and knew immediately where the faults were or the parameters that needed to be reset.

DGT Manager, evolution of USI DATALOG. As early as 2008 we were digitising all operational processes and embracing the culture of the importance of data management: every work operation could be traced, recorded and translated for the investor into targeted information that could help them in their decision-making processes or to simply inform them of any misalignment in the performance of their employees.

EPS (Easy Paint System) – an application software to aid painting.
Thanks to our strong partnership with paint manufacturers and our expertise in the field, we have been able to present a tool which, by answering simple questions about the material to be painted and the product to be used, draws up a work profile in real time and sets the time and temperature required to carry out the job independently.


High Efficiency Spray Booth: we were the first manufacturer to offer the HE (High Efficiency) Spray Booth: where previously, 2 x 11 kW motors were required to generate an air volume of 30,000 m³/h and comply with the air speeds required by regulations, it was now possible to achieve the same result with just 2 x 5.5 kW motors.

HE is USI Italia’s premium model and is highly successful, especially for northern European markets where the cost of energy is higher than the average in central Mediterranean countries.


EPS 2.0: The wizard tool has been further improved, becoming a more open system that can also be customised with new coatings that dry at low temperatures.


Widespread energy efficiency on all spray booth models.
Many hope to return to normality as soon as possible. We at USI Italia think instead that it is normality, or the concept we had of it, that is the real problem.
We can no longer afford to return to this old pattern.
The Covid pandemic has opened a Pandora’s box and exposed a problem that we have turned a blind eye to but which has existed for some time, namely sustainability.
The resulting global economic crisis has had an impact on every aspect of life, especially the way energy is produced, supplied and consumed.
We can no longer afford to waste energy.

Hence USI Italia’s decision to make its own contribution and propose the use of Inverter and Touch Technology on all booth models.

There are three main ways of reducing the consumption of electric motors:

1 reduce energy loss in power transmission
2 increase the intrinsic efficiency of engines
3 optimise operation

The best way to optimise operation is to vary the speed according to the specific requirements of each application, avoiding operation at maximum power when it is not required.

Not all work operations have to be performed with maximum air flow.

With our exclusive inverter management software, we can associate the appropriate air flow rate to each step, thus drastically reducing consumption.

Inverters also:

  • Reduce absorption peaks
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce noise
  • It phases the load to a cos φ value close to 1 (typically 0.98), thus adding an additional energy efficiency component.

Regulatory Standards

Our systems fully meet, and often exceed, all safety standards applied and applicable to painting systems.
In fact, our specialists are constantly and actively following the evolution of the regulatory standards in our sector.
What is it worth to you to know that what you are buying will allow you to sleep soundly at night?

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