Posted 13 Feb 2023

New spray booth: all aspects to consider

Buying a new spray booth is something you do only a few times in the life cycle of a business. A spray booth is indeed a major investment, and the only concerns cannot be price, delivery time or compliance with local laws for this type of equipment.

Of course, these are also important aspects in the final evaluation of a new spray booth. But often, in their haste, entrepreneurs forget to ask themselves essential questions to maximise their investment.

Buying a new spray booth: all aspects to consider

The first aspect to consider when considering the purchase of a spray booth is the reliability of the manufacturer. Turning to leading companies such as USI Italia means finding yourself in front of specialised professionals able to foresee every aspect from now until the end of the system's life cycle, including the possibility of expanding or modifying the configuration of your bodywork over time.

In fact, not all booths are the same, and above all not all booths fit every workshop. That is why there are many aspects to take into account before placing the order.

Flow of the paint shop

Between a high-production workshop that works with more than four vehicles every day and one with a slower pace, requirements change significantly. For example, those on 'downtime' for drying or positioning vehicles.

A high-volume workshop might opt for a booth with an intelligent air heating system that speeds up the paint curing process.

Nuova cabina di verniciatura: tutti gli aspetti da considerare

The appropriate air filtration system with manufacturer-labelled and certified material can also affect air speed and quality and indirectly determine the smoothness or otherwise of the painting process. In addition, a booth with TOP-DOWN vertical air flow ensures a cleaner environment, less risk of paint defects, less downtime for cleaning the system and generally tighter work rhythms.

Work space in the bodyshop

If the working space, or rather the bodyshop structure and staff organisation, allow it, the pull-logic solution can also be ideal for optimising processing times and maximising profits. In a spray booth with side drive-through design, in fact, the cars to be processed follow a continuous and smooth flow, without loss of time due to moving many vehicles in a confined space.

Nuova cabina di verniciatura: tutti gli aspetti da considerare

Positioning the new spray booth

When thinking about the positioning of the spray booth within your bodyshop, you should not only consider the bare measurements. Those are only one part of the design process. Specialists such as the designers at USI Italia are able to consider every aspect relating to the positioning of a new spray booth: from the extraction system to the workflow, from additional components to other areas of work, from safety to environmental protection, from consumption to energy costs, there are many aspects to consider when imagining the positioning of a new spray booth.

Extra work on structure, electrical system, gas system, plumbing

A new spray booth could (conditional) also involve extra civil engineering work on the structure, electrical system, gas system and plumbing. Cutting concrete, for example, is a very costly activity, as is bringing an old electrical system up to standard or adapting it, or preparing the gas connection from scratch. These are all aspects that can weigh heavily on the economic investment and can often be minimised with intelligent planning.

Actual vs. initial cost

When looking to purchase a new cabin for your finishing operation, in some cases the cabin can be the cheapest part of the project. There is never just the cost of purchasing the booth and installing it. And while the design and construction costs remain broadly similar even for spray booths with purchase prices far apart, the calculation to be made is how much the booth affects the total project, and how much it makes sense to save in percentages to a figure for a system that will work and last for at least a decade.

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