Ohmni is USI ITALIA's premium full-electric spray booth, where the air is no longer heated by fossil fuels, but by electric coil heaters (during the painting phase) and infrared emitters integrated in the panels inside the shell (during the drying phase).

A hybrid nature even in the name

The term ‘Ohmni’ merges ‘Ohm‘ – the unit of measurement of electrical resistance in the International System – with ‘omni‘, a derivation from the Latin adjective ‘omnis’, meaning ‘all’ or ‘of all kinds’. This choice is not accidental: Ohmni in fact represents extremely versatile technological ingenuity, where the electric heating unit is also a hybrid, in that it is designed to integrate and upgrade with different energy sources; available today. Or in the near future.

Ohmni: an innovative approach to traditional painting

Ohmni represents a radical innovation in the field of coating, embodying the vision of doing old things in a new way. In a world where carbon neutrality is an increasingly pressing international discussion topic, Ohmni offers a solution that reconciles tradition and technological innovation. Indeed, the goal of achieving carbon neutrality requires significant changes in energy production and consumption patterns.

During the painting phase, Ohmni uses traditional thermal convection to heat the air. However, it is during the drying phase that Ohmni stands out, utilising heat transfer by radiation. This advanced technology allows effective heating of the material regardless of the temperature of the surrounding air or other material media, thus offering a more efficient and less energy-intensive drying process.

With Ohmni, refinish industries can now aim for cleaner and more sustainable production, reducing their carbon footprint and meeting global sustainability goals.

SWIR Speed and MWIR Protection: a dynamic duo for infrared painting

Discover the Ohmni infrared spray booth, which combines the speed of the short wave SWIR with the safety of the medium wave MWIR for superior results. Thanks to SWIR emitters, the Ohmni booth ensures even and fast drying, penetrating deep into materials to dry even the most intricate interior parts without compromising quality.

Thick or complex structures are no longer a problem. Our advanced infrared drying technology ensures that every corner of the material is treated precisely, avoiding the risk of damage or uneven drying.

USI ITALIA engineers have perfected the SWIR/MWIR technology to suit a wide range of materials, developing ad hoc algorithms that optimise safety and performance. This focus on precision ensures not only energy efficiency but also strict compliance with safety regulations, making the Ohmni spray booth ideal for high-end industrial applications.

Book a free paint trial in our USI TRAINING CENTER now and discover how Ohmni infrared technology can transform your painting process, combining unprecedented speed and safety.

Maximise Efficiency with USI ITALIA's Proprietary Software

At USI ITALIA, power control is not just a feature; it is a promise of excellence that translates into superior performance for our spray booths. With over 20 years of experience, we have perfected power management to the point of making it a true hallmark of our company DNA.

Our proprietary software gives you access to over 50 fully customisable drying programmes. These programmes can be easily managed and monitored via the system’s touch screen, or remotely from your PC, allowing you to optimise your work process from the comfort of your desk.

Flexibility and innovation meet to give you total control and impeccable results in every painting operation.

Take advantage of the Ohmni booth: invest today for a more competitive tomorrow

In the rapidly changing industrial world, choosing the Ohmni booth from USI ITALIA means investing in a successful and competitive future. Ohmni is not only a technological innovation in the field of industrial painting, but a real revolution in the way of thinking and applying work processes.

Key advantages of the Ohmni Spray Booth:

  • Energy Efficiency: The Ohmni spray booth significantly reduces energy consumption thanks to advanced technologies that optimise each stage of the painting process.
  • Highly Customisable: With more than 50 customisable drying programmes, Ohmni adapts perfectly to the specific needs of each project, guaranteeing superior quality results and reduced waste.
  • Intuitive Control: The intuitive touchscreen interface and the possibility of remote control via PC make process management simple and accessible, improving operational efficiency.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Ohmni is designed to minimise environmental impact, supporting companies in achieving sustainability goals and compliance with international regulations.


Investing in the Ohmni booth today means not only meeting current market needs but also anticipating future challenges. The ability to adapt quickly to changes in the industry, while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency, is a decisive competitive advantage. USI ITALIA is committed to offering solutions that enhance the value of your investment, turning day-to-day operations into opportunities for sustainable growth and long-term success.



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