Founded in 1987, Nord Resine Spa is a well-established company in the northeast of Italy, operating in the chemical sector and developing products and technologies for the construction industry. Their product range includes liquid waterproofing systems, special cementitious mortars, tile adhesives, and coloured finishing systems with a high aesthetic content.


For its new brand InMateria, dedicated to coatings and creative work for the furnishing of unique and refined environments, Nord Resine turned to USI ITALIA.

The client’s need was to increase productivity, but also to configure the painting plants to fit the existing spaces, minimizing civil engineering interventions.

USI ITALIA therefore acted on two fronts:

  1. Finding the most suitable placement of the plants to facilitate the production flow of the operators with motorized side access.
  2. Proposing a high-performance, budget-friendly technology to increase productivity without forcing the client to undertake costly excavations; which were not possible in the target building.

To meet both the strict quality procedures of InMateria and the goal of increasing productivity, USI ITALIA opted for ENERGO plants. The ENERGO flexibility in terms of customized air volumes combined with the USI ITALIA “AIR BLUE” heating system allows for a significant reduction in operating costs.

Compared to traditional entry-level painting systems currently on the market, ENERGO plants offer a potential 30% reduction in cycle time (with a corresponding 30% increase in production capacity) and a potential decrease in electricity consumption of nearly 50%.

Once again, this success was possible thanks to the initial exchange of information between USI ITALIA and the client and understanding their work methods: a co-design that allowed a clear understanding of the real needs and install then a tailor-made painting plant.

The client’s satisfaction was such that after a few months he contacted us again , this time for a high-performance open booth for applications of specific copolymer resins of the client, intended for industrial coating.

InMateria/Nord Resine considers quality and passion the main success factors in today’s industrial world. These are the same guiding principles that have always driven USI ITALIA.

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A wide range of complementary products that can be used in bodyshops and industry. High-performance, Made in Italy solutions, designed to be integrated perfectly into our systems. All in pure USI Italy style.


With the project for Vaia USI ITALIA marks yet another success in the field of painting for agricultural machinery


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