USI ITALIA: ennesimo successo progettuale nel settore della verniciatura per macchinari agricoli.

USI ITALIA, a leader in custom-designed coating systems, earns Vaia’s trust through an innovative dry filtration solution for industrial painting.


Vaia, a leading company in the Italian market for agricultural machinery design and manufacturing in the Brescia region, has achieved a significant milestone through its collaboration with USI ITALIA. Specializing in the production of agricultural dump trailers and tankers, Vaia srl has long been synonymous with reliability, safety, and quality, with over 90% of its production destined for European Union countries.

In 2022, Vaia decided to invest in enhancing the quality of its machinery finishing, opening the door to new challenges. USI ITALIA set itself a dual objective: to assist the company in transitioning from a water curtain filtration system to a more efficient and cost-effective dry filtration solution, while also conceiving industrial painting systems that would increase production efficiency and reduce maintenance time for extraction filters.

Considering the ruggedness and weight of the machinery, a traditional filtration system was inconceivable. The challenge was formidable, particularly considering Vaia’s estimated annual consumption of nearly 30 tons of paint.

In response to this complex scenario, USI ITALIA engineers promptly got to work and, in a short time, developed an innovative solution—an alternative filtration system that allows for filter replacement without lifting any grates.

Thanks to this bold solution, even maintenance has become incredibly simple and quick, contributing to a significant increase in production efficiency for Vaia. Machinery can now undergo painting smoothly and without extended interruptions, enabling the company to reach new heights of productivity.

This project success adds to the list of challenges overcome by USI ITALIA, further solidifying customer satisfaction. The collaboration between USI ITALIA and Vaia is based on a synergy of trust, experience, and expertise, which has enabled the overcoming of obstacles with innovative and customized solutions.

USI ITALIA once again confirms itself as a reliable and cutting-edge partner in the industry, capable of understanding the specific needs of its customers and offering solutions that turn challenges into growth opportunities. Vaia’s satisfaction is tangible proof of a successfully achieved outcome, showcasing that USI ITALIA is ready to face and conquer any challenge.

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